3 Reasons Why Getting Interviewed in a Video Is Important for Your Company & Career

3 Reasons Why Getting Interviewed in a Video Is Important for Your Company & Career

Getting interviewed is an important part of the career. It's your chance to make a good impression on a potential client or investor and show them why you're the best Company or CEO for the product or services. But even if you don't get the deal, there are still benefits to getting interviewed.

Here are 3 reasons why getting interviewed is important for your career:

  1. It gives you practice. The more interviews you do, the better you'll get at them. You'll learn how to answer common interview questions, how to dress professionally, and how to make a good impression. This will help you in future interviews, whether you're applying for a new job or a promotion.
  2. It helps you learn about different companies. When you interview for a channel or video, you'll learn about the prevailing industry culture, consumer behaviors towards products or services, and customer touch-points. This information can be helpful if you're considering to appear in subsequent public interview or public address or a press conference or if you're just interested in learning more about the industry.
  3. It boosts your confidence. Video interviewing can give you a confidence boost. You'll feel good about yourself for putting yourself out there and for taking the time to prepare for the interview. This confidence can help you in your brand promotions and in your career overall.


So, if you're looking towards building your Brand or creating a market for your product & services, don't be afraid to face the camera & interviewer. You'll get some valuable benefits.

Here are some additional tips for getting interviewed:

  • Do your research. Before your interview, take some time to research the subject and the market viability. This will help you answer questions intelligently and show the interviewer that you have the knowledge.
  • Practice your answers. Take some time to practice your answers to common interview questions. This will help you feel more confident and prepared on the day of the interview.
  • Dress professionally. First impressions matter, so make sure you dress professionally for your interview. This doesn't mean you have to wear a suit, but you should dress in clean, neat, and appropriate clothing.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your skills and experience. The interviewer will likely ask you questions about your skills and experience. Be prepared to answer these questions in a way that highlights your strengths thought leader.
  • Ask questions. At the end of the interview, be sure to ask the interviewer some questions. This shows that this is dialogue and not a monologue  and that you've done your research.

Following these tips will help you make a good impression on your interviewer and increase your chances of Building your Brand. So, don't be afraid to get interviewed!

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