Author: Chandra Kant

Chandra Kant also known as 'CK' is highly experienced in Global Sales and Marketing. He has 25 years of rich front line sales experience spread across Americas, EMEA, and APAC geographies. He started his career with Siemens AG Ltd, worked at Infosys as a front line sales officer for North India region, worked for VeriSign, Symphony/IBM, Datamatics, and CSC; leading sales teams in Global regions resulting in multimillion revenue engagements, and most recently with ZenQ as SVP-Global Sales & Marketing.

Select the Right Investor for your Startup

There’s a point along every entrepreneur’s path to success where the option is either to acquire capital or watch your company crumble because of lack of extra funds being available. But there are subtleties to money that all entrepreneurs should know. It’s important, for instance, to know that the right kind of funding canRead More

Questions to Ask CEO during an Interview

CEOs are dangerous people — and that’s appropriate. They’re trying to change the world, heading into battle with small resources and big ambitions. Therefore spend two-thirds of your interview time gauging whether this CEO has the courage and focus needed to rock the status quo. Give your CEO a chanceRead More